Tartu College Exterior



April 30
to August 26

  1. Summer applications will be accepted beginning April 24, 2017. The FINAL SUMMER RESIDENT STAY NIGHT AT TARTU COLLEGE IS AUGUST 26, 2017.
  2. If you are staying less than one month, full payment for your stay must be made to secure your reservation prior to your arrival.
  3. If you are staying MORE THAN A MONTH,a one month deposit will be required to reserve your room. This deposit will be applied against the last month of your stay.
  4. When you move into Tartu College, at that time you must also pay the first month rent. Please note that this is in addition to your room securing deposit, which will be used to pay for your last month.
  5. Student travelers (with valid student ID) who come to Tartu College for less than a month will pay the standard weekly/daily rate + 13% HST tax - or they may decide to take the student monthly rate of $800 - $1070 (no tax). In either case, full payment up front is required to reserve a room at Tartu College. The Monthly occupancy charge is $900 per month for a Standard Room.
  6. By submitting an application to Tartu College, you are agreeing with all the terms of Tartu's occupancy conditions (Student Information, Occupancy Terms, and Rules and Regulations.
  7. All summer cancellations within the last week of scheduled arrival date will be subject to a $100 administration fee.