Fire safety

If a fire occurs:
  • Leave the fire area.
  • Close all doors behind you.
  • Telephone the Fire Department at 911. (never assume this has been done)
  • Know and give the correct address and the location of the fire in the building. Activate the fire alarm.
  • Use exit stairwells to leave the building immediately. DO NOT use the elevators. Do not return until it is declared safe to do so.
If you are in your suite and a fire alarm is heard:
  • Before opening the door, feel doorknobs for heat. If not hot, brace yourself against the door and open slightly.
  • If you feel air pressure or hot draft, close the door quickly.If the corridor is clear leave your suite, taking your keys with you.
  • Close all doors behind you and leave the building by the nearest exit.

If you encounter smoke in corridor or stairwell consider taking an alternate route or return to your suite.

If you cannot leave your suite or have returned to it because of fire or heavy smoke:
  • Remain in your suite and close the door.
  • Unlock the door for possible entry of firefighter.
  • Dial 911 and tell Fire Department where you are then signal to firefighters by waving a sheet out the window.
  • Seal all cracks where smoke can get in by using wet towels or sheets.
  • Seal the space around the door and under the window at both ends of the radiator. (Roll of wide strong masking tape is useful)
  • Crouch low to the floor if smoke enters the room.
  • Wait to be rescued. Remain Calm. Do not panic.
  • Partially open the window for air. Close the window if smoke comes in.
  • Listen for instructions or information which may be given by authorized personnel.

Always follow these signs to exit!

Fire extinguishment, control or confinement

In the event a small fire cannot be extinguished with the use of a portable fire extinguisher, leave the fire area immediately and close all doors behind you. Then NOTIFY the Fire Department at 911 and NOTIFY the Tartu College Front Desk.

Fire hazard

  • NEVER put burning or flammable material into the garbage chute.
  • NEVER force cartons, coat hangers or paper which may cause a blockage into garbage chute.
  • NEVER use unsafe electrical appliances, frayed extension cords, overloaded outlets or lamp wire for permanent wiring.

As a resident you should:
  • Know where the alarm pull stations and exits are located.
  • Call the Fire Department immediately whenever you need assistance.
  • Know the correct building address - 310 Bloor Street West
  • Know that if the smoke alarm is emitting low or erratic beeping sound, this indicates that the battery is low or unit is faulty. Notify TC staff immediately. Notify front desk if the door closer is not working properly.

Accidental or intentional setting off the fire alarm, sprinklers or starting a fire is strictly prohibited. Tampering with, damaging, or removing fire extinguishers, or any part of the fire alarm system, or violating fire safety and fire protection procedures is also strictly prohibited.

Tampering with, damaging, covering, disengaging, or altering smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors is strictly prohibited. Do not take out batteries!

Burning candles, incense, smoking or possession of any highly flammable material within the residence is strictly prohibited.
Storage of bikes, beds, chairs, shoes, and other items are prohibited in all exits and hallways. Improperly stored material can become obstacles during an evacuation. TC Staff will remove items left in these areas.

COOKING: Each resident is responsible for monitoring their cooking. Should your cooking set off a general building fire alarm due to your negligence and/or abandoned cooking, you could be charged for any Toronto Fire Department invoices that TC receives. IMPORTANT: if room is smokey, do not open windows until fire dept. has been to inspect the area. Residents who violate the policies above can be subject to a fine ($1400 for any Toronto Fire Department invoices that TC receives), eviction and risk criminal prosecution.