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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  1. Tartu College is a smoke free residence - NO SMOKING - in any part of the building. Smokers need to be at least 9 meters from Tartu entrances/exits (City of Toronto law).
  2. Tartu's single rooms are for only one person accommodation! NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS!
  3. CLEANLINESS! Each Student is responsible for his/her personal cleanliness in the suite's common areas: kitchen, washrooms, hallways. Stoves, ovens, counters, dishes, utensils, pots/pans, washrooms should be cleaned immediately after use! Tartu Staff cleans common areas only once per week. If your suite requires additional Tartu Staff cleaning, resident(s) will be charged $20.
    1. Blue Bin - Recyclable items (All items are identified on the Blue Bin - paper, glass, plastic, tin, metal) should be placed into the blue bin the recycling boxes. *** NO FOOD WASTE/GARBAGE GOES INTO THE BLUE BIN!!!
    2. Garbage is to be tightly wrapped in polyethylene bags or equivalent, tied and placed into the garbage chute Failure to dispose of garbage/refuse will result in the resident being charged for removal of same. Large items for disposal should be brought to the ground level back doors area.
  4. Residents will not permit any unusual noise or disturbance on the premises at any time that interferes with the enjoyment or occupancy of other residents; no loud music or noises after 11:00 pm.
  5. Residents are responsible for their families, visitors, guests, and agents to help keep the Tartu College premises safe and clean.
  6. Keys/FOB: The resident will receive one set of keys/FOB which must be returned to Tartu College on the termination of her/his residence. Replacement fee for any lost Keys/FOBs, or not returned Keys/FOBs at move out – $50.00.
  7. Defects: Residents shall give the Front Desk immediate written notice of any accident/damage to washrooms or kitchen fixtures/ pipes, heating apparatus, internet, electrical fixtures or wiring.
  8. The hall, entry passages, doors, elevators, stairways, hallways, and corridors outside individual room shall not be obstructed by any of the residents’ footwear or articles. No door mechanism is to be obstructed in any way.
  9. The windows in the rooms and kitchen shall not be covered or obstructed, except for the drapes provided.
  10. Any costs to repair damage done to the premises from misuse or from unusual or unreasonable use shall be borne by the resident regardless, if family, guests, or visitors caused it.
  11. No sign, advertisement, or notice of any nature shall be inscribed or painted; nor any article/thing, (eg.. television/radio aerial, air conditioner or equipment), shall be fixed on any part of the building or windows.
  12. No additional locks shall be placed upon any door in the building.
  13. The resident shall be liable for any water damage caused by reason of taps or toilet left running, and must inform Tartu Front Desk immediately or call 416-317-4858 if such situation occurs.
  14. Spikes, hooks, screws, or nails shall not be put into the walls or woodwork of the building.Residents will not paint rooms, nor paper or decorate any part of the premises without the consent of the management, given in writing. To clean curtains, notify management, DO NOT wash the curtains.
  15. Residents can not alter electric light fittings, wiring; or install air conditioning, refrigerator, or, heating units in their rooms, or additional electrical circuits, and shall not overload existing electrical circuits on their premises.
  16. No heavy furniture shall be moved over floors of the suite, halls, landings, or stairs. Residents will be held responsible for any damage to the building caused by moving furniture in or out of the premises.
  17. Storage of any combustible, dangerous or offensive goods, provisions or materials is not permitted.
  18. In the event of contagious or infectious diseases developing, Tartu College agrees to have patient or patients removed forthwith and to have the suite fumigated or treated immediately in accordance with any by-laws and regulations in force, as per the City of Toronto Health Department.
  19. Washers and Dryers (18 floor Laundry Room) are provided for Resident use and must be cleaned after use. Tartu shall not be responsible for any injury, damage, loss or theft to any persons or property. The Laundry Room stays open from 7 am until 12 pm, 7 days per week.
  20. No animal, bird or any pet shall be allowed to be kept on premises.
  21. Tartu College staff reserve the right to make additional rules and regulations to ensure safety, security and cleanliness of the premises and for preservation of good order therein.
  22. Please keep all deposit and monthly occupancy payment receipts as proof of payment! A replacement letter for lost monthly occupancy payment receipts charge is $10.

Tartu College Front Desk Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency situations only from 11 pm to 7 am.

Front Desk may be reached at 416-317-4858.

Any violation of the Rules & Regulations is cause for immediate dismissal from Tartu College!