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September - April

Student Information

  1. Students,(minimum age 18), applying to Tartu College for the fall and winter, or fall only school term accommodations, must at minimum plan to stay for 4 months. Preference will be given to students who apply for 8 months, a full school year.
  2. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, (one application per person). Your deposit (one (1) month's payment) via one of the Payment Options given below (**) will secure your reservation.. This deposit ($800 to $1070) will be applied against the last month of your occupancy. No room will be reserved without a deposit.
  3. Applications for the fall and winter terms will be accepted in person, beginning April 18, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at the Tartu College Office, 310 Bloor St. West.
  4. Online applications for students OUTSIDE of the Greater Toronto Area will be accepted beginning 12 noon, April 20 2017. Priority will be given to students living at a greater distance from Toronto (i.e. Vancouver, Sudbury, Oakville, etc.). If/when a room is reserved, a deposit ($800 to $1070 - used for last month's occupancy) is required. ROOMS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED!
  5. Online applications will be accepted commencing April 21, 2017, 9:00 a.m. for students living in the Greater Toronto Area.
  6. For Fall/Winter Term move in:
    • Room is reserved from the 1st day of the month so the monthly fee is for the complete month, regardless of actual move in date.
    • No refund of deposit for room cancellation after July 31/December 29. Cancellation prior to July 31/December 29, $200 administration fee from deposit.
    • Fall and winter semester reservations are for four months. If moving out in December or April, deposit is used as the last payment for the complete month, regardless of the actual move out date.
  7. When you move into Tartu College, you must pay the first month's fee, via one of the Payment Options given below (**). PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE DEPOSIT PAID WITH YOUR APPLICATION. (The DEPOSIT will be used to cover the last month of your occupancy.)
  8. No building access fobs or keys will be issued until the first month's fee is paid, and no refund of first month fee after receipt of room key. For December or April move out, the deposit is used to cover the full last month's occupancy, regardless of your actual move out date.
  9. ALL ROOM INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE UPON ARRIVAL. Tartu shall try to accommodate requests for room location, suitemates, etc. HOWEVER, Tartu College cannot guarantee that all requests can be met!
  10. Occupancy payment includes heat, water, electricity and Tartu's hard wired cable internet service.
  11. By submitting an application to Tartu College, you confirm that you have read all of Tartu's Student Information, Occupancy Terms, and Rules and Regulations, and you are in agreement with all of Tartu's Student Information, Occupancy Terms, and Rules and Regulations. You also agree that if you break any of Tartu's occupancy conditions as documented in Tartu's Student Information, Occupancy Terms, and Rules and Regulations, you may be subject to a nominal fine. However if your offside behavior continues, you may be evicted from the Tartu College Student Residence.