Tartu - Your Home Away From Home!

 Tartu College is a friendly, desirable co-ed residence providing affordable accommodation for students attending Toronto universities.


About Fall 2019 - We are sold out of all rooms!

We will begin to accept Winter Only (January-April) on October 1, 2019.

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Our Services

Front Desk (24/7)

Contact for move in, keys, maintenence, security - After 11pm, contact only for a building emergency.
Contact here!

Additional Services

On site laundry facilities, ATM, underground bike parking,  printer/copy, suitcase storage to use at your convinience. 

Student Life

Come and see what students have to say about life in Tartu College.

Masters Buffeteria

Breakfast, lunch and dinner available!
Monday - Friday 7am- 7pm Contact for Meal Plans & Catering!

The Ideal Student Building

Tartu College has 459 rooms available to rent to full-time students attending a Toronto university. A typical fall-winter school semester occupancy period is from September 1 to April 30, (8 months). Tartu will also accept a limited number of students who will be attending university for only the fall or winter semesters (4 months). From May through late August, Tartu will rent rooms to travelling students, visitors or groups to Toronto.

On each floor, there are 5 suites (male/female segregated), a garbage disposal chute, access to elevators and emergency exits/stairwells. Each suite has 6 bedrooms, 3 shared washrooms and a shared kitchen/common area. In the shared kitchen/common area, each resident has their own pantry and access to a refrigerator.

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Your Safety and Security

Personal Security Features:
  • Closed Circuit Video Surveillance
  • Electronic FOB access control
  • On site front desk/security staff 24/7
  • On site staffed management office
Fire Safety Features:
  • Centrally monitored fire alarm system
  • Fire alarm horns and detection devices in all suites
  • Fire alarm system tested regularly
  • Automatic fire sprinklers at grade and below
  • Fire rated suite door 

Group Information

Summer is nearly here! We can accommodate student and non-student groups from May 9 to August 26. For more information about reservations and availability please Contact us

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